DETECTED – Wearable Breast Cancer Screening

Ironbound Films presents a 15 minute documentary subject called “Detected”, about one man’s journey to create a screening technology for breast cancer. His name is Rob Royea and the technology is a bra that instantaneously communicates signs of cancer to the person wearing the bra as well as directly to the personal doctor. Melanie Griffith narrates the film.

Rob Royea is a technology entrepreneur and he is determined to create a bra designed to detect breast cancer through data that is transmitted directly to the smartphone of the woman and her doctors.

Facts About Breast Cancer

#1 Breast cancer kills half-a-million women each year worldwide.
#2 In the United States, one of eight women will develop the disease in her lifetime.
#3 Too often, current screening technology does not catch the disease until it’s too late.

Could Rob’s new innovation in wearable technology move us forward in the healing of many who have or will have breast cancer?

I have a feeling we are entering a new face in wearable technology and the great services the new innovations can provide.

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