Crust Club Acquired by Crumbl Cookie

Crust Club, the Pleasant Grove based pie shop specializing in both sweet and savory pies has achieved a milestone goal for many small businesses in Utah as it was announced that Crumbl Cookie has acquired the small business founded by husband-and-wife duo Valerie and Tyler Kukahiko.

What is Crust Club

Crust Club was founded in Pleasant Grove by husband-and-wife duo Valerie and Tyler Kukahiko bringing delicious, fusion style pot pies that don’t lose the traditional taste you expect from a pot pie while adding a twist in flavor.

Crust Club’s Unique Flavors

Crust Club’s menu is full of delicious flavors offering both savory and sweet items. Here are a few items we felt were worth the mention.

  • BBQ Mac Pot Pie
  • White Chicken Enchilada
  • Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Pasta
  • Ham & Cheesy Potato Pot Pie

With the acquisition by Crumbl, Crust Club will have the opportunity to explore franchise expansion opportunities. Crumbl Cookies, is the Logan-based cookie shop operator and franchisor that has seen massive growth in recent years.