COVID-19 Response Leaves Local Utah in Limbo

In Utah, companies both small in size and large work to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus while also struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic. Protecting employees and customers becomes the first priority as companies across the nation are responding to the Coronavirus. The CDC is encouraging businesses and employers to coordinate with Utah’s state and local health officials in order to receive information regarding updates to the outbreak. However, many feel that they have to take a responsibility due to a lack of government leadership and clear, consistent guidelines.

Retailers in Utah appear to be walking a tightrope between surviving the pandemic financially and keeping the local community safe. And in Utah there are mixed feelings regarding small businesses staying open and the idea of patrons who choose to not wear a mask or abide by social distancing requirements while out at local Utah bars and restaurants; and if they are responsible in part for the virus’s resurgence.

Utah is one of 18 States currently in the White House “red zone” and are encouraged stricter measures. Other “red zone” states include Idaho, California, and Texas.

Teleworking Continues for Many

With alarming escalations nationwide, many corporations are resorting back to teleworking. Many wonder if teleworking will become the new normal. Millions of Americans continue to work from home. For many Utah businesses, the pandemic has shown that teleworking does function as an alternative for office employees and nationally many companies are even considering adopting more permanent telework policies.

Utah Schools and COVID 19

Most Utahns seem to be in support of kids going back to school. School districts across the state have been granted permission from Governor Hebert to reopen for Fall 2020. It’s worth mentioning that this is taking place within Utah’s most recent surge in COVID-19 cases. And for many teachers the idea of teaching during the current pandemic climate is too much for them.

Here are some of the suggested guidelines

  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Students are encouraged to wear masks (which was mandated by the governor in all school buildings and while riding the bus)
  • Wear masks during riding of school buses, cafeteria practices
  • Practice good hygiene practices
  • Aggressively Pursue Contact tracing
  • Avoid Large-group gatherings
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