Costco Perks and PS5 Restock

Costco has came through for their loyal following by delivering on some absolutely jolly deals this holiday season. This happened after a rather bumpy 2021 for Costco patrons. The leadership has taken some time out of the holiday season to explain some of these changes that are coming to Costco including the benefits and perks for those who opt in to online shopping with Costco in 2022. 

It is the holiday season and budgets are tight for some and hefty for others. Regardless of your wallet size, Costco hours are 24 hours a day online and the deals are real.

Costco Membership Perks

With Costco’s annual Gold Star membership. Business membership and Executive membership, members gain perks beyond access to Costco’s warehouse, the food court, and the Costco Gasoline prices. 

  • Executive members receive extra perks on Costco Travel and Additional benefits on Costco Services
  • Receive the Costco Connection magazine
  • Shop Online and in the Costco Warehouse

Costco Gasoline and Membership Perks 

By becoming a Costco members, you can potentially save quite a bit when booking Costco vacations, cruises, hotel stays and car rentals through the Costco Travel website. One smart move that Costco made was when they decided to bring back some of their formerly discontinued products that we loved and missed dearly. Items such as the infamous Costco churro. Other improvements include adding touchless dispensers for condiments at the food court in order to improve food safety. 

Costco Churros returned to the Costco food court

Costco is also looking to cater to customers who would rather have a clickable cart as oppose to standing in a physical line. And now we have all the latest news regarding how Costco is planning to make your wallet fatter in 2022. Costco plans to open 20 new location and they also announced plans to upgrade the Costco mobile app. This is all very exciting for us fans of Costco. 

PS5 Costco Restock for December 2021

What a busy week it has been for Costco. While there were plenty of moments when Costco food shortages looked concerning in 2021, over all it was a very prosperous year for the retail chain. Costco also mentioned that more Costco pickup lockers are coming to locations. This includes the curated list of top products. Costco Travel in 2021 and the holiday season delivers opportunities to take advantages of the great travel deals on hotels, car rentals, and more.

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