Costa Rica Travel in 2024

Adventure awaits you in the rugged rain forests of the Latin American country of Costa Rica. Located south of Nicaragua and north of Panama, the exact location doesn’t matter because all you need to know is it is heaven in the Americas, peppered in all the colors of the rainbow with beautiful secluded beaches and awe inspiring volcano settings, Costa Rica is a nature explorer’s paradise offering outdoor activities galore from the mountains to the ocean and your adventures start within the country’s capital city of San Jose.

Visiting San Jose Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, the capital city is San Jose and here we begin our adventures as the perfect location to introduce you to true Pura Vida, and the Costa Rican way of life with culture and exploration of the country right at your fingertips. Here you can visit amazing museums and galleries dedicated to Costa Rica and prepare you mentally for the exciting adventures that await you. I truly do recommend you begin your explorations of Costa Rica in San Jose.

How to get to San Jose, Costa Rica?

Travelers visiting Costa Rica most likely will fly into San Jose therefore beginning your adventures in the city is the best way to gain an introduction to Tico culture.

San Jose Culture and Museums

Recommendations in San Jose, Costa Rica includes Central Park, Morazan Park, Spanish Park, National Park, Democracy Plaza and the Jade Museum. San José developed slowly as a tobacco centre in the Spanish colonial era.

Beyond Costa Rica’s remarkable natural wonders and the already mentioned world-class museums, the capital city also offers sweet aromatic coffee, so why you are here check out the best things to do in Costa Rica’s capital city.

Explore Tico Cuisine

We recommend you start at the Jade Museum in San Jose. The museum is dedicated to preserving the archaeological heritage of the region, and it features the largest collection of pre-Columbian jade artifacts in the world.

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