Best Haunted Houses in Utah 2022 Edition 

The leaves are falling, pumpkins are out and the spooky season among us, and one of my most favorite holiday experiences in the Halloween tradition of exploring the haunted houses, finding out which one is offering the most scares. Lucky for us, Utah is known for being home to some of the world’s most popular haunted houses. Look at the best haunted houses in Utah this year from the classic haunted houses that have been a staple of scare and the ones that have recently built a reputation of thrills.

What makes a Haunted House Scary?

When deciding what haunted house to go to, knowing the level of scary can help and who are you experiencing that haunted house with. But the main criteria to a solid scare in a haunted house is jump factor. Some haunted houses can be more aggressive than others. And some come with a history that brings a whole deeper element of scare to it.

Fear Factory

Over it’s 11 years, Fear Factory has built a reputation for being one of the top Halloween attractions in the world. Located on 800 south and 600 west in Salt Lake City, 

Since opening in 2011 the Fear Factory has received plenty of accolades for being authentically scary and a genuine thrill of a haunted house, and named one of the best in America from FrightFind and Scary Overload. 

Nightmare on 13th Street 

Some would argue that Nightmare on 13th Street is Utah’s best haunted house. It’s certainly a staple to the haunted house take over that has happened in Utah in recent decades. 

Haunted Forest