Back to School in Utah and the Future of Online Learning

The future of child education including how students will be taught and what will be expected of the parents of the students is currently at the forefront of many minds in Utah and across the nation. Most Utah schools have started the research and preparation for the 2020 – 2021 plan for integrating Education Technology (EdTech) and distance learning programs are included into their upcoming school curriculum. 

As a mother of two teenagers, I am very eager for my kids to return to school. However, I am also very aware of the seriousness of this pandemic. As a parent and a daughter of aging parents, I personally tread very carefully wherever I go out of a fear of this virus. Yet I can see in my daughter this angst to return to school. My son is indifferent to the situation. He is content staying at home, with online learning being an easy fit for him.

The Future of Virtual Lessons and Distance Learning

Most schools across the Nation are opting to begin this school year with a hybrid-focus with the first few months leaning towards distance learning programs with the option of in-classroom instruction looking limited in most parts of the country. It appears the idea that distance learning could be temporary is becoming very faint and most likely it looks as if online and distance learning is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Here in Utah, most parents have the option to opt-in for online learning this upcoming year. As schools have been forced to quickly transition to online learning, programs are being developed on how teachers can give lessons from afar. There are a few software programs and online platforms I will suggest that might make distance learning easier for you.

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  •  Remind
  • Schoology

The Challenges of Distance Learning

There are many challenges we currently face with this pandemic and the new demand for distance learning and online education that has been thrown on us all, impacting everyone across the globe. One of the number one issues I hear my friends and other parents complain about is the technical issues. This is expected with the unexpected need to quickly advance our software and technology in lew of the pandemic.  Time management is another challenge parents face. It is hard to keep the child focused as well. There is certainly a big disconnect with online learning and the value in the lessons being taught.

Jennifer Goodman is a journalist and editor of Style Utah, originally from Alpine, Utah, Jennifer is a graduate of University of Utah and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Jennifer's passion for helping animals in need and her love for nature keeps Jennifer Goodman in balance with her dedication to journalism.

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