Ariana Grande REM Beauty is Fall Ready

Celebrity cosmetic lines and beauty brands from global pop stars is nothing we haven’t see before. Rihanna is the poster girl of success from a celebrity who transitions from singing pop melodies to building a beauty empire with her beauty brands Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty. Rihanna has created a 2.8 billion dollar beauty empire that has produced a rush of other celebrities to the business of cosmetics.

“Where your beauty dreams become reality..” – R.E.M. Beauty

And now it is Ariana Grande‘s turn to drop the long awaited R.E.M. Beauty cosmetic line. Eponymous to Ariana Grande’s song laid back groove track from her Sweetener album “R.E.M.” the beat from the song offers the perfect tempo to get your face scrub on and makes sense for Ariana’s new line of beauty.

R.E.M. Beauty is a collaborative effort between Ariana Grande and beauty incubator Forma Brands. The first drop of products will focus on eye makeup including eyeliner, eyeshadow, eye topper and mascara. When visiting the REM Beauty website, I came across the slogan “where your beauty dreams become reality” suggesting that Ariana is confident that once we apply R.E.M. we will achieve the desired results delivered to high in-demand beauty experts.   

R.E.M. Beauty Coming Soon

Ariana decided to opt out of attending both 2021 MTV VMA’s in Brooklyn and the 2021 MET Gala in Manhattan this year. Ariana Grande was nominated for multiple awards at the VMAs prioritizing staying low and to most likely prepare for the release of her cosmetic line.