Arches National Park Certified An International Dark Sky Park

It was announced on Friday by the International Dark-Sky Association and The National Park Services that Arches National Park in Southern Utah is now officially certified as an International Dark Sky Park. In Utah, three other sites hold International Dark Sky Park certifications, Canyonlands National Park, as well as Hovenweep and Natural Bridges national monuments. The famous Arches National Park certification will be officially celebrated on Sept. 21. The ceremony will take place at the Panorama Point stargazing area within the park and will include a star party.

Developing Astronomy Programs

Because of Arches distance from urban areas and artifical light caused by city’s light pollution, it makes for the ideal place for viewing the night sky. When you visit the Arches, you can glanze up at the sky and with only the naked eye witness a wealth of stars. When the conditions are ripe, one can see the rings of Saturn using binoculars. This is why Arches National Park has been designated with the Dark Sky Certification and the certification will help grow astronomy programs.

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