Arab Film Festival Rotterdam Celebrates “A Day For Women”

Over the weekend Egyptian filmmaker, Kamla Abu Zekri’s film Youm Lel Setat (A Day for Women) won the Audience Award at the Arab Film Festival Rotterdam and Kamla Abu Zekri is one of three major Egyptian film directors who are scheduled to honored in the 10th edition of Panorama European film that will run from November 8 to November 18. Abu Zekry’s best-known picture is Wahed-Sefr (One-Nil, 2009), a critically acclaimed drama with a similar political message, yet one where class, rather than gender, is the main catalyst.

The film follows a trio of women, Azza (Nahed El Sebaï), Laila (Nelly Karim) in and a celebration of Arab women. produced by Elham Shahin through her company Shahin Film

Tamer Karawan composed the music for the film. His style of composing felt poignant yet strangely uplifting offering an ability to soften the film around the edges, further contributing to its “femininity.”

This comes at the same month the film also won the award for Best Screenplay at the Slemani International Film Festival in Iraq, in addition to taking part in the Cape Town International Film Festival and the Beirut Film Festival.

Arab films are increasing in popularity in the US film market.

The Arab Film Festival Rotterdam is a western platform where Arabic films that discuss MENA’s cultural, political and social scene are screened. Participating films usually feature hot sensitive topics regarding people’s living situation in the region.

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