Amazon Prime Day Deals 2020 List

Yes, Amazon Prime Day has arrived. The day is being heralded as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Hmmm.. Maybe they have a bread slicer on sale? Do I have a bread slicer? As households throughout Utah search on Amazon via tablet, mobile app or directly on their website, the Amazon Prime Day is just hours away from beginning and the research has come in, here are the deals you want to prepare for.

This two day event offers the best deals for Amazon Prime members. It’s a way for Amazon to give back. And after the great year Amazon stock has had, hopefully these Amazon Prime deals compare with the likes of Santa Claus.

It’s an Echo Show During Amazon Prime Day

As expected, Amazon devices are sure to be on sale. The Echo Dot is set to be on sale. As well as the Echo Show 5 and Echo Auto Hands Free. Basically the whole Echo lineup is on sale besides maybe a few limited items.

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Apple MacBook Air and AirPods Will Be on Sale

It’s rare when Apple puts anything on sale. Well today on Amazon (and Woot) you are finding incredible deals on AirPods. Up to 20% Off. But this is not all, the Apple MacBook Air is at an all time low.  I pads are coming home for under $300.00.

Innovate Your TV With Amazon Prime Day

First to mention is the Roku Streaming Stick currently set for sale at $37.00 via Amazon Prime. And other TV deals that include 4K TVs, media players, and 4K Blu-ray disc players. The LG 77″ CX Series OLED TV is going for just a little over $3,700 depending where you are and where it will be delivered to.

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