About Style Utah

Style Utah is an interactive media platform leading the future of journalism for culture, lifestyle and news content including the arts, entertainment, sports, fashion and the convergence of technology in today’s world. Style Utah offers cutting edge journalism and media coverage with the most up-to-date insights from leading organizations, brands and global resources.

Audience Identification

Because Style Utah is the ultimate guide to the good life in Utah and travel beyond, our demographic of visitors ranges from the super cool, way to smart for our website to the nerdy, gamer type. We promote culture and entertainment with local news and events sprinkled in. Our advertising opportunities include partnerships with the best brands in the world and here locally in Utah including new restaurants, bars, and breweries.

Custom Media

Style Utah is the area’s definitive city + regional platform that helps people get the most out of ski, snow, and all things adventure in Utah. Style Utah brings you interviews with the city’s top chefs. 

 Editorial Ethics & Guidelines

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